Cardijn College band pieces to practice

Current Repertoire

Puttin’ On the Ritz arr. John Berry

Big Band Audition Piece for 2018


Cardijn Bands

click on the song name to open the track in another window. Remember if it’s on Youtube you can slow it down if required by clicking on the cog (not on iPad) and use the three keys (K, J, L) for pause, rewind by 10s, forward by 10s.

Concert Band


Big Band

Join our Edmodo page as we have everything on there. Ask Gabby or Adam if you need assistance joining up.

New Repertoire

Tangerine arr. John Berry

Take Five arr. arr. Mike Lewis (except section H to I)

Adam, here’s the one we just did in lesson

I maj7 | iiim7 | IVmaj7 | iim7 V7 |
Practice the horizontal approach we were using with 1 #2 3 5 6 and the chromatic b3 3 4 #4 5 and then start to get the vertical approach going. You might want to practice just doing triads and then 4 note arpeggios over each chord to get familiar and then start being creative.

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