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Westminster Bands

click on the song name to open the track in another window. Remember if it’s on Youtube you can slow it down if required by clicking on the cog (not on iPad) and use the three keys (K, J, L) for pause, rewind by 10s, forward by 10s.

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Year 5

Prep School Concert Band

Year 6

Year 7

Big Band 3

Big Band 2

Big Band 1

Year 5 Band

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Prep School Concert Band

Camel Train

Guantanamera is here

Olde English Hymn is here


Born to Be Wild Play

The Gift of Hope

2017 Repertoire

Year 6 Band

Bunyip Blues can be found here

Walking the Planks on Barnhouse Music site (you can actually download the MP3 to your hard disk from this site.

Walking the Planks on JW Pepper website

Year 7 Band

Ants in the Pants

Theme from Spider-Man

Shout, Stomp, and Swing

Shout, Stomp and Swing at Alfred Music

Senior Concert Band

Big Band 3

Welcome to the Jungle

Way Cool Dude

Fun Fun Fun

Big Band 2

Marguarite by Sammy Nestico

Gettin’ the Good News (demo here)

Big Band 1

Practice your concert Bb Bebop scale with this

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