Arranging assignment for Year 9

Goal: To arrange backing figures for a horn section that highlight the harmony and use smooth voice leading / guide tones

Background knowledge: Understanding of triads in various inversions and smooth voice leading over the chord progression for When the Saints Go Marching in (we have been applying these principles to our practical exercises in class).

Task: Come up with a one or two bar rhythm and allocate chord tones to the horn section. For your second chorus make a contrasting backing figure which may make use of some of the more advanced concepts such as a chromatic approach tone or surrounding note figures.

Software required: The free program Musescore

Download the Musescore template file here.

Delete the teacher example figures (in the yellow box below) in Chorus 1 and 2 and compose your own backing figures. Don’t delete the melody, piano, or trombone parts (the first three tracks).

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