Excellent Rhythm Section Video lessons from Lincoln Center’s Jazz Academy

There are some excellent videos available on Youtube from Jazz at Lincoln Center’s JAZZ ACADEMY for all instrumentalists. Here is a collection of videos specifically aimed at Rhythm Section players in a Big Band.

Rhythm Section as a whole

How to Tie Together a Big Band Rhythm Section

When Big Bands Were Dance Bands

What Does a Rhythm Section Do in Jazz


Jazz Fundamentals: What is Swing?


Playing Bass in a Big Band

Some great videos on how to construct your own walking lines from chord symbols

Introduction to the Walking Bass, Part One

Tips for Building Your Walking Bass

Bassists: You Need to Practice Rhythm Changes


Jazz Guitar Comping in the Style of Freddie Green

Electric Guitar Setup for Big Band Jazz

How to Develop Good Rhythm on Jazz Guitar

How to Play Jazz Chords, Part One


Connecting the Bass and the Drums: The Ride Cymbal and Walking Bass

The Reverse Feather on the Bass Drum

How to Stay Loose on the Drums

How to Develop Triplet Independence on the Drums


What Does a Rhythm Section Do in Jazz

Other non-rhythm section videos relating to Big Band specifically

The role of Lead Alto in a Big Band

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